Getting Started

What is eCupp MarketPlace? 

eCupp Marketplace (also known as eCupp Merchant Program), is an eCommerce Center providing merchants with  online marketing of their products. Merchants have full control of their operations including adding, editing and deleting products.  Merchants can also use the full marketing resource of eCupp.com to promote selling of their own products and leverage sales.  When visitors purchase merchant goods, merchant gets paid.  eCupp.com also provides tracking and reporting system to help merchant manage their business.  Yes!  Yes!  I want to become a Seller/Partner

Buying & Selling on Ecupp Marketplace. 

Selling your products on eCupp Marketplace is the fastest and most economical way for sellers to get paid.

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Work - Goals & Commitment

Dream Big!  Give yourself a reason to succeed.  Set goals and start with an action plan to achieve your objectives.  You should commit yourself to do what it takes through planning and execution of the tasks necessary to achieving you goals. " Study, Practice, Repeat". This will create success habits that will make you a winner.  In order to stimulate the power within, you must first have a goal, then commit yourself to personal success through action.

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Achieve & Advancement - Start Selling:   

Building trust and loyalty is the only way to achieve your goals at ecupp.com.   Hard work alone will not bring you fortune. You must chart your path as a confidence builder, someone who is dependable and reliable.  People will appreciate your candidness and truthfulness  even if it's an inconvenience to them.  Be on the look out for Twisters and Dream Killers who will distract you from your goals.  Keep focus and avoid mediocrity .  "Remember your dream".  Selling is the Grand Avenue  for big accomplishment.

Your quest for funding your family needs, buying a great looking automobile, vacationing or changing you neighborhood can happen.  All great things take vision and a small first step. 

Success doesn't come by accident. You must study, believe and act to receive it. Be proactive! Challenge yourself to building a new sustainable future. 

Yes,  I want to build a Fortune!  Start Here:  https://ecupp.com/index.php?route=account/account

Who to Sell - Inviting Friends & Families:

Sending  & Sharing Your Account Text Links/ email links.

  1. Meeting & Events
  2. Referrals
  3. Sending  & Sharing Your Account Text Links/ email links.
  4. Coupons discount offers
  5. Cash backs/Points
  6. VIP Affiliate Membership

Associate/ Affiliate Program

eCupp affiliate program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their web site which advertises eCupp or specific products on it. Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission. The standard commission rate is currently 5%. before volume upgrades.

Don't have a Website or your own products?

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Getting Paid - Recognition & Rewards:

Want To Be A Sales Consultant? 

Our Sales Agent system helps you connect store orders as Sales Agent / Associate/ consultant or Business Developer.

So when orders are made it can be known which Sales Agent /Associate/ consultant or Business Developer made this order.

We add commissions by percentage for each Sales Agent / Associate/ consultant or Business Developer. The commission is calculated automatically with each order made. Contact Us.