Buying & Selling on Ecupp Marketplace. 

Selling your products on eCupp Marketplace is the fastest and most economical way for sellers to get paid.  

Buyers can purchase your product/s with ease on eCupp MarketPlace, ensuring quick delivery and repeat business.



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Marketplace is very flexible in functionality and works very well for sellers. Your products are separated into your own collection with separate seller feedback support and ratings. This system also contains the custom shipping feature, where partner can add their own shipping rate according to shipping region and weight of the product. The customer can view the details of seller profile and can add feedback for seller based on their product.


  • Each seller has a separate seller profile page & can edit their profile page on their own.
  • Seller can add banner, shop logo custom HTML text and also customize store as per any color theme.
  • Feedback and review system with an interactive star rating.
  • Seller will have own dashboard to manage orders.
  • Seller can add Simple and Downloadable product.
  • Sellers can track their income, total order, total buyers, and latest order using dashboard
  • Supports the Multi-Lingual feature.
  • Seller can change order status of each product.
The customer can checkout with multiple sellers product at the same time.



  Yes!  I want to become a Seller/Partner


MarketPlace Payments Seller can accept


Read  more: >>   How to add products to MarketPlace


Start Small-THINK BIG!

You don't have to be clever or smart. "All you need is confidence in yourself".  

If every time you open your mouth someone hand you a dollar, how much extra money would you have in a month?  Just kidding! Not everyone can be relevant to your success, but lets face it. You are already helping a lot of people. This relation can be mutually beneficial. It's already there. Use it!

3 ways to talk - addition to our Sellers Partnership.  Register Free Account

1) Consultant/Business Developer

Who is a Consultant: 

Our Sales Agent system helps you connect store orders as Sales Agent / Associate/ consultant or Business Developer.

So when orders are made it can be known which Sales Agent /Associate/ consultant or Business Developer made this order.

We add commissions by percentage for each Sales Agent / Associate/ consultant or Business Developer. The commission is calculated automatically with each order made.

2)  Affiliate Program

eCupp affiliate program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their web site which advertises eCupp or specific products on it. Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn. Click link to get startedhttps://ecupp.com/index.php?route=account/account, then CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT 

3) Easy Money

Designed to help you make money while you are sleeping!  VIP-partners /Agents and Consultant is listed on front page (Registration Form) helping them to build sales and commission without their presence when a new customer register and purchase (All transactions, present & Future). 
The more people you influence the bigger your income will be, allowing you greater financial rewards (Available to qualified Relations only).
It's easy!     

Click link to get started: https://ecupp.com/index.php?route=account/account, then CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT



The Cream Rises to the Top

How does it work?

This is the GOLD Standard of our relationship. Every time someone (new customer) logs in with your link it creates another link. This is your ATM at work. Imagine a few of your own links, creating thousands of dollars because of your supporters (sub-links).  You don't have to be genius to win. This is Talking Money. 

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Talking money

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