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Picture of the week

Picture of the week

By J. Patrick Morgan / 10 December, 2021

Each week we will bring to you an amazing Picture of The Week. All geared to brighten your day as well as educational, entertaining, and enriched with informative ideas.We collect these pictures from real time photos, videos on demand and various oth..

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By J. Patrick Morgan / 17 November, 2021

Earn money online reselling our products under your brand. Reseller provides everything you need to sell domains, hosting, email, website building tools and SSL certificates. The program includes white-labeled products, a professional storefront..

My ads

My ads

By Albert P / 15 November, 2021

Place your ads here:Bring your products and services to market by advertising.  Promote your goods for sale on eCuppstores.  Increase use of your valued services with low cost advertising available to you and your company 24/7. All adv..

 Identity Video Marketing- AI

Identity Video Marketing- AI

By J. Patrick Morgan / 14 November, 2021

Building, maintaining, and protecting your brand is optimal to professional and corporate businesses. It is essential that you receive feed backs from your online activities, in the form of likes, sharing, ratings from your clients, customers an..



By J. Patrick Morgan / 20 August, 2021

Self-determination drives success. If you are reaching out for a independent future, an online presence will be essential. In this installment of Starting-your-business-on-Line, we will focus on the essentials to get you up and running. The..

The Masterpiece

The Masterpiece

By J. Patrick Morgan / 23 July, 2020

Mega online shopping, ecommerce system is built for the modern world and a growing economy. eCuppstores is a conception by forward thinking minds that indulges in financial, business and marketing ideas for modern environments. It captures the b..

VIP Partnership Program

VIP Partner Program:

Our VIP Club is a special program that offers a wide range of services and privileges exclusive to our most frequent buyers. There is absolutely no cost to join the special VIP Club program. Membership is completely FREE for all eligible members.


How to Apply for VIP Partnership:

For buyers whose average transaction value is over $500 per month, our system will set them up as a VIP member for a three months period. At the end of the 3rd month, we will review their status and renew for special prices and affiliate privileges.


For any buyer whose average transaction value is over $2,000 per month, our system will establish them as a VIP member for a six months period. At the end of this period, we will review their status again


VIP Partner Benefits:

Enjoy drop shipping prices on all items on our website. (For VIP members using a coupon code for discounts, then they would enjoy the discounted price based on the normal price rather than based on the drop shipping price).  All VIP members will have dedicated priority service including Sales Reps, shipping, tracking, email service, etc. 


The more you buy, the higher the discount you will get. Our professionally assigned sales assistants will help you to build your core business on a dedicated one to one basis and help you


Should your customer have any problems or issues, please contact your Sales Rep directly and they will be happy to work with you to resolve the problems.

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