Bids and Offers

eCupp Auction is a good way to buy goods at a very low price.  Our bidding process is offering merchandise to the highest bidder. Find various items on eCuppstores and start bidding.  Items are sold to the highest bidder from the beginning of the event up to closure.


eCuppstores Auction will enable the auction enables customers to buy merchandise on auction.  Buyer can bid on listed product. Customers can place four types of auctions which are standard, incremental, automatic, and reserve auction.
At the beginning of the Auction process, a customer can choose lowest bid to purchase the product.  If customer out-bid other bidders offer, their bid will be accepted, and they can purchase the product at their winning low price.

Features Of eCupp Stores Auction

  1. Customers can place automatic auction.
  2. Customers can place reserved auction.
  3. Customers can place incremental auction.
  4. Email to every outbid customer when new bid placed.
  5. All types of action can be applied to a single product.
  6. Optional current bid price show.
  7. Optional all the bidders and their price shown.
  8. optional all bidder name, bid and details under automatic bidding shown.
  9. Customers can see the auction bid list and automatic auction bid list.
  10. Optional winner name for the auction shown.


Understanding Increment Auction

The Increment bid is the amount by which a bid will be increment each time the current bid is outdone. Increment bid amount setting will be done by the eCupp Stores.

Set increment bid as-

Current High Bid










$1000 and up



You’re the first bidder on a listing where the starting price is $20, and you place a maximum bid of $40. Now the current bid is automatically increment by $10 and then the current bid is $50. No one can place a bid less than $50. When a second bidder places a maximum bid of $110, bid will automatically be raised to $15 and then minimum bid amount is $125.
eCupp Stores may approve automated options to enable / disable for any event and make other changes without notice.


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