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Picture of the week

Each week we will bring to you an amazing Picture of The Week. All geared to brighten your day as well as educational, entertaining, and enriched

with informative ideas.

We collect these pictures from real time photos, videos on demand and various other sources as we capture what we see around us.

We will tease and engage your emotions and laughter so please read with a happy heart. Also, you may share your thoughts and comments with us.


Picture of The Week

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eCupp Works

eCupp Works

By J. Patrick Morgan / 23 July, 2020

Mega online shopping, ecommerce system is built for the modern world and a growing economy. eCuppstores is a conceptionby forward thinking minds that indulges in financial, business and marketing ideas for modern environments. It captures the be..

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 Identity Video Marketing- AI

Identity Video Marketing- AI

By J. Patrick Morgan / 14 November, 2021

Building, maintaining, and protecting your brand is optimal to professional and corporate businesses. It is essential that you receive feed backs from your online activities, in the form of likes, sharing, ratings from your clients, customers an..